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Summer 2020 Season

Summer 2020 Season

As New York begins to reopen, and a semblance of normalcy returns to our everyday lives, many of us can’t wait to enjoy the park and it’s amenities.

Eisenhower Park has planned many events and activities for the 2020 Summer Season which will kick off starting after the July 4th weekend.

You can expect movie nights, Farmers Markets, a craft fair and many other events that are still being planned.

In the meantime you can enjoy the golf range, minigolf, team sports and many other activities as well as food from our concession stands and food trucks that are located around the park.

There have been many challenges and complications due to COVID19 and while we will be trying to return to normal, we must remain cautious and aware of the ongoing risk of the virus.

Masks are to be worn and social distancing is to be practiced whenever possible.

All these events are tentative and subject to change.

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